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Todays date Saturday the 7th December 2007.

Well I’ve been waiting for Judge Hickinbottom to answer the question from my last letter to him, which was ‘Who in heaven do I have to complain to, in order for my complaint regarding the Tribunal Service of Cardiff Office attempting to pervert the course of Justice to be heard?’ That letter was received at the Judges office, on the 7th November 2007, and I have given him the good ole 28 days to reply before writing this.

But based on him dodging the issue of ‘The Buck Stops with you Judge Hickinbottom’ Being the Chief Commissioner for the whole Shebang (at least one would have assumed so) from his previous reply. I set about knocking up the next few art works to be displayed on the World Wide Web. See URL’s below. I would have like to have still photos to upload here, but the camera I’ve been using has kaputted on that score but at least its shooting digital video. Something else that a waste of space like me cannot afford to rectify ‘Eh Judge?’

Much like the inability to afford the £25 for the rear tyre of a pushbike.

So, all things being equal Judge Hickinbottom, based on the complaint of wilful neglect via the Welsh Assembly Government, that have since turned to criminal negligence that I wished to have been recorded in the kangaroo court that is the Tribunal Service, and your Cardiff office game playing with my appeal, replies and failure to reply or given good guidance by you. I have been left with no other alternative than to assume that you are Colluding in the Criminal Negligence of Vulnerable Adults.

By not calling for a Public Inquiry into the issues I have raised in the ‘Welsh Assembly the Crazydave files’ blogs on blogger. The URL for that you and your Office in Cardiff have been given enough times to have a clear indication of the breadth of their REMIT.

I suppose that I could go on to list other charges to be included into that of Collusion in Criminal Negligence by the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as parliament and the House of Lords, for instance there’s aiding and abetting the Water companies in excessively profiting out of houses of multiple occupancy, what about aiding and abetting County Council’s in Benefit Fraud? Because I still believe that the manner in keeping the rent revenue account is flawed to the detriment of the Tenants in terms of rent levels, and the net effect of this on wider society of rent payers to private landlords.

The qwango that is the Local Government Ombudsman, I no longer believe uphold the rights of Tenants of Councils, rather that they do their damndest to protect the council and that the punitive charges that they do bring against councils, when they do uphold a complaint do not reflect the true cost in terms of time spent by a complainant or the damages in terms of effects on health and well being.

Much like the other qwango that is OFWAT the water companies so-called regulator, whose get a meter attitude fails to recognise the principle of the complaint and how it affects millions in the uk. i.e. They ought to be questioning the Rateable Value of properties. With all that everyone has had by me regarding this inadequately insulated House of Multiple Occupancy, you would have thought that for the inconvenience of living in such. That the Rateable Value would have been less than that of a non-divided property in the area wouldn’t you??? Not frigging greater than.

So how is it that the water company can up the charge by a third? A public inquiry into that matter, or the RE-DESIGNATING HOUSES OF MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY SHARED HOUSES. Would go to eliminating this particular bit of fraudulent charges, perpetrated in the main on Vulnerable Adults, on minimum wage earners, or on the parents of those one in four kids living in poverty in Wales. (Ergo the rest of the UK)

But then I guess the Share Holders in the Water Companies when taking out their dividends wouldn’t have so much income support money to live on eh Judge?

Oh I hope that you like the BBC banner Judge, it’s only a pity that the Judiciary have never thrown out any None Payment of Licence Fee cases in court because the BBC is a monopoly. I can only hope that the EEC don’t fall into some romanticized view of the BBC as a National Treasure but see it for what it is, a MONOPOLY and outlaw the Licence Fee.

It’s only a shame that Mr. Branson of Virgin Airways and Virgin Media didn’t do his bit in response to my blog to him. In the latest Nothernrock case I was intrigued that Mr. Branson was being given preferred treatment, according to the news pundits, with the view to its take over. My cynical egotistical side wondered ‘Hey are they giving him a backhander for not speaking up for his Virgin Media Customers, Crazydave?’

Cos, I am pretty sure he would for his Virgin Airways one’s if they had to pay BA before using his airlines. But then I guess based on my SKY blog he is aware that under consumer rights legislation that I would love to see enacted. All these media outlets would have to offer some kind of share scheme to all those who paid for the tariff. After all without their payments there are no companies. When the BBC does get floated on the Stock Market and they have their Tariff like Virgin. That they will have to, provide a Share Scheme for Tariff payees as well. So as the companies grow wealthier so do the subscribers.

Is this enough for starters Judge, your client group directly affected by flawed legislation that up till now nobody has seemingly cared about, least of all you. Just some of the reasons why I am not bothered by your suing me for slander with regards to the title of this blog, you have had more than ample time to call for the public inquiry into these issues on behalf of your client group. That you have not done so is a grave shame, that the Welsh Assembly has not done so, is a National Scandal waiting to burst onto the Headlines. But apparently prejudice, or is it jealousy prevail, and vulnerable adults are lucky they aren’t shot at dawn.

Least of all giving a Living Allowance. Much is made of the poverty of pensioners, but the treatment of those who do suffer with mental health issues is even worse. Their benefit levels are even less per week and they do not receive any winter heating allowance, very often the reason that they spend time in public buildings during the winter so at least they can be warm.

The painting with the Clint Eastwood figure ‘NEGLECT I’d call it manslaughter Judge Eh First Minister’ refers to the millions of daily cannabis users there are in this country who the Medical profession care little for, or else they would be urging government to find another way for users to ingest rather than via smoking it. Users are after all well aware of the side effects of this plant on their minds and emotions, but they need not suffer the effects of smoking. It’s a lie to life to bury heads in the sand on the war on drugs, that war was lost years ago. When are the Law makers going to accept that Living With an addiction is what an addict does anyway, why should their physical health suffer needlessly, and what measures should be taken to lessen the damage to physical health. Seeing as the war is lost. Well, do some brainstorming in your focus groups, I am sure that you would come up with some radical accepting thoughts and ideas, ‘oh and would your physical health be so much better now than it is Crazydave, if such an accepting approach had been taken 8 years ago’

The Judge Dredd painting is self explanatory, where is the public inquiry into the Criminal Negligence by the Welsh Assembly government et al who are highlighted in these blogs on the ‘welsh assembly the Crazydave files’ at which runs through oh so many organisations its as if the name David Gabriel had the Plague written all over it. Or ‘do Jack for this M.F’er’ Eh Judge Eh Mr. Galloway Eh Mr. Morgan Eh Chief Constable Barbara Wilding. (Some of the et al’s names)

The video regarding the plastic bag fence out my back is just to highlight the continued ‘F. You’ attitude of Cardiff County Council my soon to be classed an unfit social Landlord. After all the Videos that I have shown and sent via email you would have thought they would have covered their backsides by now and done something about it wouldn’t you Judge. I wonder since the separation of the garden into two in the autumn of 2002 how many fences have the council erected for other tenants, either because they needed renewing or for some other unspecified reason. I know they did one of the other properties they let in this area this year, well why not this one Judge. I’ll tell you ‘VICTIMIZATION’ that’s why.

The roof water collection system videoed is from a church next to a pet shop where I get my wild birdseed. Nice to see a church making use of the munificence of the Divine Creators by using the intelligence the Divine encoded into man, rather than be reliant on a rip off Water Company.

As for the Media people who’ve protected these Assembly Members from some real scrutiny over these issues, I guess citizen journalism will win through in the end, and the days of a media ruled by a few oligarchs will be well and truly over.

Love n Light People from Crazydave


'NEGLECT I'd call it manslaughter JUDGE'